Mondex – Multos

Mondex-Multos-Hitachi   &   Danmont-Visa Cash  plus other E-Purse developers
The Card Museum has already gathered a large support group from E-Purse development industries.
From Mondex/BT development we thank:
Tim Stewart, Ian Simmons (RIP), David Everett, Bev Stevens, Robert Capelhorn, Philip Mullarkey, Bob Joubert
From Multos:
Jack De Langavant
From Danmont/Visa Cash developers

Photo of Ian to come

Ian Simmons (RIP)

Ian Simmons began his involvement in Mondex development from the very beginning of Byte card development.
We will introduce cards from his important collection over the next weeks, and can proudly say that without his collection, most of the early Byte development would have remained forever unknown.
More detail to come.
Ian has sadly passed a few years back, but we can display his cards as his proud legacy.

We want to thank Patrice Peyret, Stéphanie Motré-Martin, and the wife of Ian, Heather, who have all played a part in keeping these cards safe, until we have adopted them into the museum's reference collection.
Mondex-Byte card

Jack De Langavant

Jack has been a great supporter of the Museum, and has really gone out of his way to give us a grounding in Multos. If Mondex was the mother of a large part of Smartcard programming and OS development, then Multos is the prodigy firstborn child, with a whole tribe of descendants in Smartcard programs and applications.
Jack began his influence on the Smartcard industry with Gemplus (Thales) from 1997, and his career as a senior technical consultant has led, via Mastercard, and Keycorp, to his current role with Multos International.
Jack passed his 3rd. degree black belt in Taekwondo at around 50 years old, not too shabby, so don't mess with him. He loves sailing SOLO in his Hunter 25 sailboat. It is a 7.5m long boat, well suited for family trips or SOLO, as Jack seems to enjoy. Lots of time to enjoy solitude out there "Captain Jack"? This seems to be a "THING" amongst the "old guys" from the card industries, taking time away to explore the world sailing.

Jack has 3 grown sons, who may have heard a lot of his salty sea tales. No danger from Covid-19 out there ! Just the weather to deal with.

Jack has donated a small but important group of R&D cards from his time in Smartcards and Multos. More importantly, he has helped us appreciate the importance of the Multos evolution, and it's significance in general Smartcard advancement.
Thanks Jack. We appreciate your continued involvement in the Card Museum.

Tim Stewart

Tim began his involvement with Mondex in 1995 while it was part of Natwest Bank.  When Mondex International became independent, Tim became Executive Vice President of Mondex International and Head of the Americas Office.  He spent several years concentrating on Mondex opportunities in the Americas and particularly in Latin American markets.  He is currently retired and lives in New Jersey, USA.

Thanks for your support Tim.