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Marine Midland Credit Card
Midland Charge Plan LOGO
Interbank LOGO added
Credit card EXP. July 1968

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Marine Midland Credit Card
Midland Charge Plan LOGO
Interbank LOGO NY1st. REV
Credit card EXP. July 1968

Marine Midland continued to issue owner brand credit cards, adding the INTERBANK logo for the Master Charge group from around 1967, in association with the First National Bank of New York, and changed to Master Charge design in 1970-71. Magnetic stripe coding was added from 1975.

Marine Midland was founded as Marine Bank, a state-chartered bank, on July 10, 1850.
Around the turn of the 20th century it began to expand by means of merger and acquisition. The center of business was still the Buffalo region of western New York. From late 1950’s credit cards began to be issued under the “Midland Shopper Credit Service” which came to be called “Midland Charge Card”
In 1980 HSBC acquired 51% holding, and achieved full holding by 1987, still trading under Midland Bank, until 1998, when the Marine Midland name was superseded in full as HSBC.


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