Orga Kartensysteme GMBH and Orga Smart Cards UK Ltd
The Smartcardmuseum has already received the support of a few from the Orga card development industries.
Orga began as a medium sized company in 1986, and expanded rapidly from about 1990 with close relationship with Deutsche Telekom, and manufacture of the emerging GSM card product. Orga produced cards for the very first GSM rollout with Helsinki Telephone in Finland in 1991
We hope to introduce you more properly to some from Orga Germany, and UK who have helped our Virtual museum project and Reference Collection.

Heinz Schaefers

Heinz was born in 1960, and has been married for 30 years (congratulations) He studied economics and earned his Masters degree at Paderborn university (also the home of headquarters of Orga Kartensysteme) After leaving university he worked in the banking sector from 1986-88, and was first introduced to the Smartcard banking advances in German Eurocheque trials.
In 1989 he began work with Orga and was it's first and only sales manager from the small beginnings. He continued in the Smartcard industry for 20 years. He worked closely with Deutsche Telekom systems development, and phonecards, as well as GSM, and many other card operated hardware systems.
He also worked with Bluefish Technologies, and Axalto/Gemalto, finally leaving Smartcards in 2009.

As he nears retirement, Heinz has been thinking of beginning again to collect stamps. (the hobby of his youth) We wish you the best with that hobby!
Heinz has allowed us to purchase his small but important collection of Orga cards, for a very modest amount. We have now added some very interesting cards to the reference collection,
"Danke Sehr Heinz"

We appreciate your help on the Orga history, and your willingness to have continued involvement in the Card Museum.

Murdo Monroe