Chubb MD series

ATM cards began in 1967
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The first actual ATM cash dispenser was inaugurated in June 1967. but instead of a card, a check or voucher was inserted into the machine.
A Chubb made machine (the MD1) and the Swedish Bankomat, were the first systems to use an actual card in mid 1967. Westminster Bank issued cards to account holders in London, who could use a single card to withdraw 10 pounds. The card was MBCD punched (modified binary coded decimal) with account information, and the leading edge punches were coded to verify the card, and draw in the card. The customer also used a 6 digit verification PIN before cash was dispensed. The card was retained for manual debiting the next banking day by staff of the bank.
ATM dispensers from Chubb, were soon being used in many countries. By the 1970’s the MD3 was the current machine type being deployed.
As Banks embraced the Magstripe credit cards though, this system was discontinued, especially with Magstripe EFTPOS development in the 1970’s.

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