(not in order of importance) All our benefactor friends are important !!!!
There are many different types that make up the card collecting association. Along this journey, we have also met some wonderful people who have developed the technologies that led to phonecard collecting, and also other types of card technologies. Some of them are brilliant inventors and engineers.
The phonecard museum has had the support of many good people, both collectors, and from card industries, and manufacturers, and even government departments involved with card technology. We want to show here that we are ever grateful for their contribution to the website.
Some of these wonderful people have passed along the way, and some who retired to green pastures. We have acquired and absorbed the collections of many of these fine people.
Let us introduce some of these to you. Over time we hope you can meet in these pages, all those who have contributed in some significant way to the card technologies and this museum collection.


Jean-Pierre Camelot
We met Jean-Pierre in Paris some years ago, after contact through the internet.
Jean-Pierre was a director of the Credit Agricole Bank for many years, and was appointed to oversee the IPSO banking and Public Telephone project, held in 3 small cities in France (Blois, Caen, and Lyon) He has advised his government in financial matters at times, and currently enjoys the role of Mayor in his local town.
The IPSO trials were the first in the world to use CHIPCARD technology for EFTPOS, and public telephone call payment. This integrated system was the flagship for the rest of the world, and decades before many other countries followed suit.
We have been pleased to call Jean-Pierre our friend and benefactor, as he has been very helpful with our understanding of the developments he was in charge of. Please see the IPSO cards:
IPSO Trial
And the history article to read:
IPSO History


Alex Rendon (RIP)

   Alex was one of the earliest phonecard collectors in the world. Coming from a background in postage stamp collecting, he became keenly interested in these unusual new cards popping up around the world. Along with his close friend Norman, Alex even traveled to various countries for the SOLE purpose of finding special phonecards. He went to St. Maarten just to find the optical cards being used there, and worked extremely hard to find the Bermuda Autelca magnetic phonecards.
Collecting on the opposite side of the world (Australia), I had only brief telephone contact with Alex, until he decided to pass on his collection. It was nice to finally meet in person, and we enjoyed discussing the highlights of some fine rare pieces, and the stories behind them.
I would say it is a fine privilege to have added the majority of Alex' collection to ours, and many cards will be referenced as "ex. Rendon Collection".

Bernard Justamente
We met Bernard Justamente in Paris a few years ago, and were impressed with his resume in card project development in France.
Bernard has been involved in many of the early Chip card projects in France in the 1980's. He has later been involved with Oberthur when they have taken over Chip card production from Honeywell Bull in the late 1980's.
Bernard has a fondness toward his time in the Chip card development, and we hope to continue with his support as we develop the Chip card sections of the Museum.
Bernard has virtually donated his collection (what he kept aside) from his many years in the industry. 
Bernard, we hope you will take pleasure in viewing many of the cards you will in fact remember seeing at one time or another.


Gunther S (DAD)

  Pictured here with me is my beloved father, Gunther. My dad perhaps is the earliest influence on my collecting nature. He has collected Stamps all his life. In the early 90's my dad was picking these phonecards out of the card disposals under the public telephones. (Just for his son: ME).  He found many good early cards. Once he found a batch of early issue cards (4 or 5 cards) wow that was exciting. Later he came across a bank of public telephones in a shopping centre where a shop owner would come with a bunch of 20 unit cards and telephone family overseas. After the call, my dad knew where to look, as he would stick them in the phonebook (all in pristine condition)
Thanks Dad (hahaha)