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Bulgaria Gemplus test 100u
Bulfon (BTC) and Intracom
manufacturing acceptance card
dated 22-10-97

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Bulgaria Gemplus test 100 units
Bulfon (BTC) and Intracom
dated 22-10-97 serial 2100 prefix
manufacturing acceptance card
issued quantity probably 20 pieces

These white test cards from Gemplus are associated with product testing or demonstration usually with a view to product supply. At other times though they are used as engineer test cards. They are usually a standard design. Often very low quantities printed. (10-20 pieces)
often the serial numbering has a prefix relating to the units on the card:
2050 = 50 units
2100 = 100 units etc.
Clic the TAG  “Gemplus MFG” to see others in the series

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