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Bulgaria service card 1 – 1988.
PKM-354/88 with serial
Zimex Magstripe

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Bulgaria service card 1 – 1988. PKM-354/88
Likely issued just prior to the National roll-out, and used by technicians as they were setting up the telephones for public use. Many hundreds were issued.

The national phonecard payphone roll-out for Bulgaria, began in 1988, using the magnetic cards produced by ZIMEX in Eastern Germany.
After the small scale trial in 1987 with 3 digit serial cards (PKM-261/87 meaning 1987 dated on reverse), the same 4 card values were used in this public issue of 1988.(PKM-392/88) A number of serial number varieties are known, with slightly different fonts. Additionally there are a number of denomination overprints in Leva, and also $USD.
These will be added in at a later stage

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