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Australia Anritsu $6.00 test card

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Third generation test cards. This third series were fully printed by Toppan and encoded by Anritsu for use in Australia in 1989. They have a $ scale and are known from $1.50 up to $120.00. The higher values are very rare, and used by chief engineers. Lower values were used by field engineers, especially during the Geelong trials.
After these cards were used up, regular issued design cards over-stamped
“PAY PHONE TEST CARD” were used.

AUS T3a : $1.50 very rare
AUS T3b : $3.00 very rare
AUS T3c : $6.00 rare (this value is the most commonly seen type)
AUS T3d : $15.00 RRRR
AUS T3e : $30.00 RRRR
AUS T3f : $60.00 RRRRR
AUS T3g : $120.00 RRRRR

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