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Australia FINE trial card
Gemplus reloadable Chip

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Gemplus FINE cards were for internal trials where it was used as a smart access card with PIN to log in the the ISDN telephone service. Calls were made while logged into the service, and the card remained inserted while the user was logged in.
We would like more information about the INPU trial, as we are not sure how it is connected with the FINE (ISDN) service. Also we would like to know why some of the INPU are reloadable smart cards, and others are disposable cards.

Early in the 1990’s Telecom Australia began to investigate the emerging smart card developments with a view to future product development. Chip cards from NTT, Anritsu, Schlumberger, and Gemplus were demonstrated. Gemplus cards were later used for internal trials “FINE”, and “INPU”
Copied here is the folder issued to staff taking part in the trials. The INPU shown is a Gemplus reloadable.
It was not until 1997 that Telecom began to roll out upgraded telephones with chip cards nationally.

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