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Germany Valvo test card
2 chip module (card 156)
9 contact (buttonkontakt)

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Germany Valvo test card
2 chip module (card 156)
9 contact (buttonkontakt)

Valvo had it’s beginnings as a company in 1924. Philips is the Parent company
The name Valvo, derived from the English word  valve (valve, electron tube) was appropriate, as the company was a leading manufacturer of these components.
In the mid 1970’s Valvo, and the parent company Philips, began investigating the patents of Jürgen Dethloff, and Helmut Gröttrup (1969-1972) regarding IC cards. The Dethloff registered product name was ICARD (ref ERFINDERGALERIE). Early development involved 2 very different module layout, both using the 9 contacts described in the Dethloff patents. Philips focused on left side bar contacts, and Valvo developed the 9 button contacts. Cards were manufactured by Magnetdruck Steenken & Co, Oldenburg (CIS – Creditcards Identification System)


It is interesting to note that the first EFTPOS trials using Chipcards also involved the company Philips, who conducted the IPSO field trial of Banking, and Phonecard in Caen, France, from 1981-1985. Philips in France also used a 2 chip handshake module, with redesigned contacts.

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Kern has donated documentation to the Museum, as well as a selection of the test and demo cards of both types, and we would like to thank him for his assistance with this interesting part of Chipcard history.

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