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Here at Phonecardmuseum, we are attempting to assemble the most comprehensive collection of technologies in CARD format so as to present an internet library for collectors, researchers, and even just the plain curious. 

The first thing you may notice is that the cards are listed with prices. This is not to be misunderstood that the cards are automatically for sale. Prices should be understood to be a RELATIVE CATALOGUE VALUE. This means that a card shown for 5 GBP (the currency we have selected) should be understood that it is a COMMON card (sold often for much less) A card shown as 10 GBP is a little less common. A card that is over 500 is very rare, but may still come up for sale in the market occasionally (whether on Ebay or Delcampe). A card listed over 1000 is extremely rare, and anything over 2000 may only be known to exist is less than 5 examples, or even unique, or just extremely sought after? The collector may see a card shown in this website for 1000 GBP, and yet find a seller willing to sell such a card at 500 euros, or even 200 euros. If that is the case, the buyer has made a good bargain. Congratulations !!
If this website has helped you understand a good bargain price when you see it, then we have accomplished part of our goal, which is to educate collectors.
The earliest card types are Credit cards, often going back over 100 years. In the 60's we begin to see cards married with magnetic stripe technology, and again, the credit card was the driving force, especially when EFTPOS technology was incorporated. Telecom phone lines were crucial to this development.
Generally speaking though, it has been the Phonecard, as a marketable product of telephone call currency, that has driven many of the new technologies, where prepaid units are somehow incorporated into a card. (usually of credit card size)
We hope to show you this world, not only as a collectible item, but we hope to imbue you with our fascination at the technological marvels incorporated into this small flat package.
We hope you enjoy the website.
Have a browse.

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