Have you enjoyed collecting cards for many years?
Perhaps you ask yourself, what will I do with my collection. My children are not interested in collecting. My grandchildren only want to spend time on Instagram and making TikTok videos.
Does your collection have things that should be in a museum?
Is your collection a comprehensive assembly of a certain technology or company, or even country?
Phonecardmuseum and Smartcardmuseum, has accepted the torch from a number of marathon collectors, as they neared the end of their race, or even after the finish line. If you are thinking of DONATING your collection to a Museum, and found that ALL NORMAL MUSEUMS are all simply NOT INTERESTED, please
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We have absorbed some of the most wonderful collections, and all the ones who have supported our work, will be referenced on the appropriate card pages. We also will be updating the pages
Benefactors Industry supporters as the museum continues to receive support, to expand, and evolve. To all our friends and supporters have become a part of our project, we say a big Thanks, Merci, Gracias, Danke.