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Germany Bamberg Trial
40 Units A serial number
Paper material

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Germany Bamberg Trial
40 Units A serial number
Paper material

In the Bamberg trials, 2 types of material were trialed. As we have noted SEL tested with full PVC called “Zweischicht PVC”, paper cards or “Papier”, and a thin PVC payer paper coated called “Einschicht PVC”

Issued cards of Paper type were serial numbered A
No. 00#### A
5E   = 13,350  print run 000001-013350  not confirmed  (002184-008887 noted)
40E = 8,400    print run 005000-013000  not confirmed  (007842-012765 noted)
80E = 12,000  print run 000001-012000  not confirmed  (000012-011686 noted)

“Einschicht PVC” were serial numbered F
No. 00#### F
5E   = Not manufactured
40E = 5,000 print run?  000001-005000 not confirmed  (000002-004922 noted)
80E = 600 print run       000001-000600 not confirmed  (000039-000076 noted)

SEL set up phonecard payphones (using the Copytex system) for the field trials in the city of Bamberg 1983-1985.
In this section we are please to show a comprehensive collection of the cards used in testing and field trials.
The copytex cards were initially designed for copy machines in universities, and other facilities, but Copytex had it’s initial market success with the Bamberg trials, and we know of NO significant copycard systems at the time of these test and trials 1980-1985. All of the cards shown here are part of the PHONECARD development of SEL. SEL were acquired by Alcatel in 1986, and Alcatel began developing it’s own version of the Copytex technology. This is why early Alcatel cards are actually of paper, with same position magstripe from around 1986-1987.

Please turn to Belgium Alcatel to see the connection:
Alcatel BELL

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